Dr. med. Martin Engelbach

Internal Medicine Physician
Endocrinology - Osteologist DVO
Diabetologist DDG


  • 10/1984
    Start of human medicine studies with a focus on endocrinology in Heidelberg. Subject of dissertation from the field of endocrinology: "Development and application of immunoradiometric two-site assays for human calcitonin". Tutor: Professor Schmidt-Gayk
  • 03/1993
    Physician in the Theresien-Hospital in Mannheim, acquiring specialised knowledge in the field of internal medicine (cardiological, gastroenterological and nephrological wards)
  • 25.11.1993
    Doctorate with "magna cum laude"
  • 01.09.1994
    Licence to practice medicine (Doctor of Medicine)
  • 20.03.1995
    Assistant Physician in the Clinic for Internal Medicine with a focus on endocrinology and metabolic diseases at the University Clinic Mainz (Director: Prof. Dr. Beyer). The facility has been commended as a "European Training Centre for Endocrinology" and has been certified as a Diabetes Training and Education Centre.
  • Internal Medicine Specialist Training. Working in the intensive care unit with a focus on cardiology as well as in the accident and emergency unit and the internal medicine, haematological-oncological and pulmonary wards of the University Clinic Mainz.
  • Februar 1995
    Acquiring specialised knowledge for the emergency medical services
  • Dezember 1999
    Recognition as internal medicine specialist
  • Dezember 2000
    Accreditation in endocrinology
  • Dezember 2001
    Accreditation as diabetologist (DDG = Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft / German Diabetes Society)
  • Focal point of research: Examination of pathophysiological fundamentals, diagnosis and therapy of sporadic and hereditary endocrine tumours. The scientific activities continue. Project promotion by German Research Foundation. Author of numerous scientific publications. An important part of his work consisted of taking the mental health of patients suffering from underlying organic diseases into consideration. He was also in charge of organising one of the first informative meetings on the clinical characteristics of multiple endocrine neoplasia (familial endocrine tumours). Provided support to various self-help groups (osteoporosis, hypophysis, adrenal gland).
  • Oktober 2001
    Licensed physician and partner in the Endocrinological Group Practice in Frankfurt/Main
  • 10/2005
    Accredition in osteology

Promotion of scientific activities:
1995 - 2001 Research Fund of the University Clinic Mainz
2000 - 2002 Material allowance by the German Research Foundation

Awards & honours: several poster awards