Dr. Reinhard Santen and Dr. Martin Engelbach will be happy to offer you medical advice. They are internal medicine consultants with a particular focus on endocrinology and diabetology, and also members of the German Diabetes Association.

To reinforce our expert medical team, Dr. Silke Hartleb, Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Herbert Kann, Dr. Hea Sook Kim-Berger, Dr. Ute Köhler, Dr. Jürgen Reusch, Dr. Elisabeth Salm-Reifferscheidt, Ms Renate Sandforth, Dr. Ursula Santen, Dr. Ximena Sons and Ms Aikaterini Valkanou joined our team.

Approximately 30 medical assistants, laboratory technicians and receptionists keep our practice running smoothly. As a specialist centre we are closely working with family doctors and other medical specialists. As a rule treatment is possible upon referral by another physician.