Endocrinology - What you should know about it

Endocrinology is our area of expertise. Many people associate substances that influence the sexual development and functions with this term. Rightly so, but hormones as chemical messengers control a wide range of biological processes. They regulate the body's growth and development, control the functions of various tissues and ensure a balanced organism.

Our endocrinology practice specialises in the diagnosis and management of hormonal conditions. We are able to identify and treat metabolic diseases and hormonal imbalances. Blood samples generally required for diagnoses are taken in our surgery and analysed by our own hormone laboratory. If the test results necessitate a special hormone test, another appointment is required. A hormone test to determine the existence of a metabolic disease may just take five minutes, but it may also take five hours, so please be prepared to spend some time in our surgery.

Please note that health insurance companies generally do not bear the expenses for bone density tests. Should such a test be required, please enquire about the cost at reception.

If you are not quite sure whether or not this is required, please come to the morning appointments with an empty stomach. Since this is not necessary for all examinations, please ask in individual cases. It would also be of great help to us if you brought a copy of the current list of all your medications and preliminary findings. Many thanks.